2007 Threat #09 Terrorism Top Centers

EINStarting Points/Rank

National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorismexternal link
Based in Oklahoma City, dedicated to expanding and sharing knowledge to help prevent terrorism and mitigate its effects. Site includes group profiles, terrorism incidents, leaders and members, terrorism trends poster, responder knowledge base, terrorism bibliography, and courses and training events. 1

Counterterrorism Blogexternal link
The first multi-expert blog dedicated solely to counterterrorism issues, serving as a gateway to the community for policymakers and serious researchers. Designed to provide realtime information about terrorism cases and policy developments. 2

Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violenceexternal link
University of St. Andrews – CSTPV is dedicated to the study of the determinants, manifestations and consequences of terrorism and other forms of political violence. In addition, CSTPV investigates the responses of states, civil society and international organisations to violent modes of waging conflict. 3

Counter-Terrorism Training & Resources for Law Enforcementexternal link
This site serves as a single point of access to counter-terrorism training opportunities and related materials available across the Federal Government and from private and nonprofit organizations. These resources will help every law enforcement decision maker develop strategic plans for professional training and local emergency response. 4

Terrorismfiles.orgexternal link
Provides extensive list of terrorist organizations and nations sponsoring terrorism. 5

Islam Denounces Terrorismexternal link
This website is launched to reveal that any kind of terror and barbarism is against Islam, and Muslims share the sorrows of the victims of terrorism. All the written material in this site are taken from the books and articles of Harun Yahya, a well-known Turkish author and one of the prominent Muslim intellectuals of current times. 6

Flashpoints: Terrorism Financing Briefingexternal link
Site includes articles and reports on terror financing, case studies of suspicious terrorist financial activity, guidelines for financial institutions and related links. 7

Nuclear Terrorism – How To Prevent Itexternal link
Nuclear Control Institute site – includes introduction to the issue, recent developments, key studies and documents, and links to articles and other sites. 8

Ecoterrorismexternal link
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise site – Site defines ecoterrorism and includes top stories of ecoterrorist crimes, data on ecoterrorism, links to Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front websites. 9

Bioterrorismexternal link
CDC site – includes information for the general public, list of agents, information for professionals and related resources. 10

NarcoTerror.orgexternal link
Portal on Common Sense for Drug Policy – Looks at the “inevitable convergence” of crime, drug prohibition, international smuggling, and terrorism. 11

South Asia Terrorism Portalexternal link
SATP is the largest website on terrorism and low intensity warfare in South Asia, and created the database and analytic context for research and analysis of all extremist movements in the region. SATP has been set up to counter the progressive distortions regarding, and the international community’s neglect of, the wide range of terrorist movements within South Asia, and particularly in India. SATP established a comprehensive, searchable and continuously updated database on all available information relating to terrorism, low intensity warfare and ethnic/communal/sectarian strife in South Asia. 12

EU and Counterterrorismexternal link
Extensive site, located under the EU Delegation to the U.S.A. website, includes links to other EU sites related to terrorism and counterterrorism, as well as EU news updates on the topic. 13

Institute for Security Studies – Africaexternal link
Terrorism Portal – The aim of this thematic page and portal will be to provide practitioners in government, researchers, policy makers and others seeking to understand the phenomenon of terrorism with information on ongoing initiatives and measures to prevent and combat terrorism in Africa, as well as its effects on the people. 14

Rewards for Justiceexternal link
The Rewards for Justice Program has paid more than $62 million for information that prevented international terrorist attacks or helped bring to justice those involved in prior acts. 15