2007 Policy #03 Economy Top Centers

EIN Starting Points/Rank

Bureau of Economic Analysisexternal link
U.S. Dept of Commerce – BEA promotes a better understanding of the U.S. economy by providing the most timely, relevant, and accurate economic accounts data in an objective and cost-effective manner. BEA produces economic accounts statistics that enable government and business decision-makers, researchers, and the American public to follow and understand the performance of the Nation’s economy. To do this, BEA collects source data, conducts research and analysis, develops and implements estimation methodologies, and disseminates statistics to the public. 1

Economic Policy Instituteexternal link
EPI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank that seeks to broaden the public debate about strategies to achieve a prosperous and fair economy. The mission of the EPI is to provide high-quality research and education in order to promote a prosperous, fair, and sustainable economy. The Institute stresses real world analysis and a concern for the living standards of working people, and it makes its findings accessible to the general public, the media, and policy makers. 2

EconData.Netexternal link
EconData.Net is designed to help practitioners, researchers, students, and other data users quickly gain access to relevant state and substate socioeconomic data. The site aims to be a convenient, comprehensive first stop for anyone searching among the vast, disparate array of public and private data sources on the Web. EconData.Net is sponsored by the Economic Development Administration as a service to regional data users. Provides links by subject, by provider, ten best economy sites, quick links, what’s new and data collection. 3

Center for Popular Economicsexternal link
CPE is a non-profit organization that teaches economic literacy to activists for progressive social change. CPE creates and communicates economic theories that challenge systems of oppression based on class, race, gender and nation. CPE programs and publications seek to demystify economics and provide alternatives to mainstream analyses. Best known among CPE’s programs are the Summer Institutes in Popular Economics and the book, The Ultimate Field Guide to the U.S. Economy, as well as the “Econ-atrocity Bulletins.” 4

Znet Econ Watchexternal link
Econ watch is devoted to analysis, news and information with a primary focus on the US Economy. Site includes recent articles, links, corporate accountability, a special Enron section and U.S. Government information on economics. 5

World Economic Forumexternal link
Official WEF website. Site includes initiatives, events, media center and details of the organization and its members. 6

Roubini Global Economy Monitorexternal link
Maintained by former White House and Treasury Department economist Nouriel Roubini, RGE Monitor is the leading aggregator of ahead-of-the-curve information on global economic and geostrategic issues. The monitor delivers unbiased editorial perspective and state-of-the-art presentation of global economic information to the workflow process of business strategists, investors, researchers, academics, policy makers and regulators. With ever-expanding coverage of the most relevant news, commentary, research, analysis, blogs and data, RGE Monitor has become the leading economic information hub on the web. 7

The Global Economyexternal link
A link within the Global Exchange website. Promotes democratization of the global economy by teaching how the global economy works and providing information on the undemocratic institutions that run the global economy. 8

Global Economy Journalexternal link
GEJ is the official journal of the International Trade and Finance Association (IT&FA). It is an innovative, peer-reviewed journal that strives to disseminate top-quality research and analysis rapidly to academics and professionals interested in the global economy. Recent articles include “Economic Development , Economic Integration, International Trade” and “Is There an East European Housing Bubble?” 9

GlobalCPR.comexternal link
Features information on national income, globalization, international organizations, green economics, and international trade. 10

Global Economy Full Coverageexternal link
Yahoo news site. Updated regularly and presents news stories as well as feature articles, opinions & editorials, and related web sites on the topic. 11

International Forum on Globalizationexternal link
IFG is a North-South research and educational institution composed of leading activists, economists, scholars, and researchers providing analyses and critiques on the cultural, social, political, and environmental impacts of economic globalization. The IFG produces numerous publications; organizes high-profile, large public events; hosts many issue-specific seminars; coordinates press conferences and media interviews at international events; and participates in many other activities that focus on the myriad consequences of globalization. 12

AFL-CIO – Global Economyexternal link
Looks at the international economy from a workers’ rights perspective. Site provides information on global action, development policies, workers’ rights and women and children. 13

Bilaterals.orgexternal link
Bilaterals.org is a collective effort to share information and stimulate cooperation against bilateral trade and investment agreements that are opening countries to the deepest forms of penetration by transnational corporations. Site features news & articles, key issues, and details of bilateral agreements and treaties. 14

Grameen Foundationexternal link
Grameen Foundation’s mission is to empower the world’s poorest people to lift themselves out of poverty with dignity through access to financial services and to information. With tiny loans, financial services and technology, the Foundation helps the poor, mostly women, start self-sustaining businesses to escape poverty. Founded in 1997 by a group of friends who were inspired by the work of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, our global network of microfinance partners reaches 2.2 million families in 22 countries. 2006 Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank, serves as a board member. 15