2007 Demographic #04 Indonesia Top Centers

EIN Starting Points/Rank

Geoinvestor.com-Indonesiaexternal link
Latest Indonesian economic data and statistics. Includes official economic reports, investment and output data, key economic indicators, prices, income and labor statistics, as well as links to international organizations and databases. 1

WTO Indonesiaexternal link
Contains key information on Indonesia’s participation in the WTO. Site includes case studies, goods schedules, trade statistics, services schedules and MFN exemptions, trade policy reviews, dispute cases involving Indonesia, and notifications from Indonesia. 2

Republic of Indonesia Government Portal
Site includes news by topic, national issues, department/ministries, parties and economic information. 3

Indonesia Updateexternal link
Indonesia Update a news website on Indonesia, written by Indonesian bloggers, which gives a unique view on Indonesian perspectives on various events. Categories include art, culture, economy, entertainment, general, health, Indobloggers, media, religion, politics and technology. 4

Petromindo.comexternal link
Indonesia oil, mining and energy news. 5

International Islamic Financial Marketexternal link
IIFM is an international infrastructure institution, founded with the collective efforts of the central banks and monetary agencies of Bahrain, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sudan and Islamic Development Bank based in Saudi Arabia. IIFM’s task lies in the development of the global primary Islamic capital and short term financial market and, subsequently, creation of a secondary market for Islamic financial instruments. IIFM is also focused on the advancement and standardization of Islamic financial instrument structures and contracts, infrastructure and product development, issuance of guidelines and enhancing co-operative framework among Islamic financial institutions. 6

Indonesia Corruption Watchexternal link
ICW was established on 21 June 1998 in the middle of reform movements that demanded clean government which was free from corruption, collusion and nepotism. The initial idea to establish this NGO came from several public figures and NGO activists with strong commitments to promoting democracy and good governance. Site includes articles, current news and reports of corruption investigations. 7

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftungexternal link
German-based organization whose goal is to support the country’s reform and transformation process with political consulting and education, to contribute to the stabilization of democracy, the rule of law, a just economic system as well as inter-ethnic and inter-religious dialogue. 8

Topix.net – Indonesia Newsexternal link
Extensive Indonesian news site with reporting form a large variety of news media. 9

European Commission’s Delegation to Indonesiaexternal link
EC site, provides information on EU/Indonesia relations to include economic & trade relations, cooperation and what’s news. 10

WALHI-Indonesian Forum for Environmentexternal link
WALHI is the largest forum of non-government and community-based organizations in Indonesia. It is represented in 25 provinces and has over 438 member. It stands for social transformation, people’s sovereignty, and sustainability of life and livelihoods. WALHI works to defend Indonesia’s natural world and local communities from injustice carried out in the name of economic development. 11

WorldWide Religious News-Indonesia/Bruneiexternal link
WWRN is a non-profit service providing the international academic and legal community with up-to-date religious news from around the world. WWRN news articles and information are researched and compiled daily, encompassing a wide array of religious topics currently highlighted in the international news media, with a particular focus on religious freedom, church and state issues, governmental legislation as it relates to religious organizations, as well as new religious movements (NRMs). Indonesia section includes Islam, Church/State, Gov. Reports, and Sectarian Violence. 12

Visible Earth: Indonesiaexternal link
NASA Site – Collection of satellite, sensor and animated maps of Indonesia. Includes tsunami-damaged and earthquake regions of Indonesia 13

East Timor & Indonesia Action Networkexternal link
ETAN is a U.S.-based grassroots organization working in solidarity with the peoples of East Timor and Indonesia. ETAN educates, organizes, and advocates for human rights, women’s rights, societal and economic justice, democracy and genuine self-determination in East Timor. ETAN works for justice for historic and ongoing crimes against humanity, war crimes, and human rights violations in East Timor and Indonesia. 14

Acheh-Eyeexternal link
Site dedicated to the conflict, people, economics and politics of Aceh. 15