2007 Demographic #07 Venezuela Top Centers

EIN Starting Points/Rank

Venezuelanalysis.comexternal link
Venezuelanalysis.com is an editorially independent website produced by individuals who are dedicated to disseminating news and analysis about the current political situation in Venezuela. The site’s aim is to provide on-going news about developments in Venezuela, as well as to contextualize this news with in-depth analysis and background information. The site is targeted towards academics, journalists, intellectuals, investors, policy makers from different countries, and the general public. 1

Venezuela Information Officeexternal link
The Washington-based VIO is dedicated to informing the American public about contemporary Venezuela, and receives its funding from the government of Venezuela. Provides news and background on Venezuela’s new democracy. Also includes excellent links page. 2

Council on Hemispheric Affairs – Venezuelaexternal link
COHA, a nonprofit, tax-exempt independent research and information organization, was established to promote the common interests of the hemisphere, raise the visibility of regional affairs and increase the importance of the inter-American relationship, as well as encourage the formulation of rational and constructive U.S. policies towards Latin America. 3

Venezuela Council for Investment Promotionexternal link
Site includes information on investment opportunities, advice on how to invest, consulting and the Venezuelan legal environment. 4

WTO Venezuelaexternal link
Contains key information on Venezuela’s participation in the WTO. Site includes case studies, goods schedules, trade statistics, services schedules and MFN exemptions, trade policy reviews, dispute cases involving Venezuela, and notifications from Venezuela. 5

InterAmerican Development Bank -Venezuelaexternal link
Details IADB projects in Venezuela, including potable water, infrastructure, urban development, agricultural and power projects. 6

Petroleum Worldexternal link
Information on Latin American energy, oil and gas. Includes weekly review, business directory, events calendar, links and geological guide. 7

Venezuela Information Centreexternal link
VIC is a broad-based UK campaign in solidarity with the people of Venezuela. It was launched on 25th May 2005 at a meeting sponsored by trade unions NGOs and media organisations. Pro-Chavez site providing news, analysis, and event information. 8

Pro Venezuela Organizationexternal link
Proveo is a voluntary organization formed by individuals working to propose alternatives to the problems affecting Venezuela. Anti-Chavez site that addresses the state of democracy in Venezuela since Chavez took office. 9

Venezuela Today – Defense & Military News
Provides news on Venezuela’s defense sector from a variety of sources. Also includes links to Venezuela’s armed forces’ websites and historical information. 10

LatinFocus-Venezuelaexternal link
Site provides regularly updated news and economic indicators, as well as a monthly economic briefing, market research and web directory for Venezuela. 11

EU’s Relations with Venezuelaexternal link
EC site, provides information on EU/Venezuela relations to include economic & trade relations, cooperation and what’s news. 12

Latin American Studies – Venezuelaexternal link
Indiana University program – extensive site, includes information on a variety of issues in Venezuela, to include human rights, military, religion, politics, external relations. Some information is dated while other categories are linked to current sites. 13

Bioparquesexternal link
An environmental, non-profit organization aimed at strengthening Venezuela’s National Park System through people involvement and cooperation in the search for solutions for the social, economic and environmental problems faced by parks. 14

Maps of Venezuelaexternal link
Site includes a variety of maps of Venezuela, including political, regional, vegetation and geological maps. 15