2007 Demographic #05 Iran Top Centers

EIN Starting Points/Rank

Iran Focusexternal link
Iran Focus provides comprehensive, up-to-date information and news on the Persian Gulf region in a fair and balanced manner. This is done through a wide array of daily news, weekly and special feature packages, commentary, news analysis, and investigative reporting. Through editorial initiatives and access to intelligence sources, the stories offer an insight into the complex situation in the Persian Gulf region that is indispensable to scholars, journalists, politicians, business people and all those interested in this sensitive part of the world. 1

Iran Trade Point Networkexternal link
Information on doing business in Iran. Site includes how-to section, laws & regulations, economic news and UN trade points. 2

Mbendi-Iranexternal link
Country profile of Iran by the South Africa-based Mbendi Information Services. Study is from a business and economic perspective and includes a map, business directory, and industry sector and investment information. 3

World Bank-Iranexternal link
Provides news and events and in-depth analysis with a regional overview, country briefs, data and statistics, publications, development topics, initiatives, projects and programs. 4

Iran Oil Gas Networkexternal link
Site provides access to the latest information regarding the Iranian oil, gas and petrochemical industries. 5

Kish Trade Promotion Centerexternal link
KTPC, affiliated with the Kish Free Zone Organization, was established with the mandate of facilitating commercial exchanges between overseas firm and the manufacturing & trading companies of Iran’s Kish Island. 6

Pars Times – Iranian Governmentexternal link
Contains extensive links to Iranian government agencies, ministries, embassies and political parties. Some are links to official sites, some are links to sites that provide background/details about the organization. 7

European Commission’s Delegation to Iranexternal link
EC site, provides information on EU/Iran relations to include economic & trade relations, cooperation and what’s news. 8

Iran Watchexternal link
Iran Watch is a comprehensive web site that monitors Iran’s ability to construct weapons of mass destruction. Iran Watch describes suspect Iranian organizations and sites and lists their foreign suppliers. It also analyzes Iran’s weapon-related activities and provides a range of documents produced by international organizations, national governments and private sources. 9

Green Party of Iranexternal link
Official website – The Green Party of Iran is a political party founded to defend Iran’s environment, particularly its forests, soil, air and water resources. We believe that the Iranian population has the right to a safe and clean environment, and to political, economical, social and cultural freedom. Furthermore, the Green Party of Iran intends to expose and oppose the current Iranian regime’s nuclear, chemical, and biological mass production of weapons. In view of the increasing environmental destruction in Iran, we believe that a Green Party is required on the Iranian political stage. In addition to proposing environmental policies, the Green Party of Iran advocates a democratic political and economic system for Iran. 10

Women’s Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iranexternal link
WFAFI is committed to promoting a greater awareness of the challenges women face living under fundamentalist regimes such as that of Iran. Their tasks range from raising public awareness, conducting research projects and initiating outreach programs — to policy discussions and analysis. WFAFI firmly believes the political presence, participation and leadership of women are instrumental to achieving social, political and economic equality. 11

Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iranexternal link
MEHR is a California-based network of individuals committed to the advocacy of human rights in Iran and to helping develop a greater capacity among Iranians in the future use of international mechanisms such as the Convention against Torture that provide Iranian victims avenues of and access to different systems of justice. MEHR is committed to raising public awareness, exposing human rights crimes, and educating the people of Iran so they may have a united voice against human rights violations. 12

The Congress of Nationalities for a Federal Iranexternal link
On February 20, 2005, leaders of organizations representing major nationalities and ethnic groups in Iran gathered in a summit to form “the Congress of Iranian Nationalities for a Federal Iran (Congreh Meliathai-e- Iran-e-Federal). This meeting resulted in the “Manifest of the Congress of Nationalities for a Federal Iran”, which promotes a federal system of government based upon national ethnicity and geography in a united and an integral (unified or with territorial integrity) Iran. 13

Democracy for Iran – Linksexternal link
Oppositionist website site. This page provides links to several other oppositionist sites, including to rezapahlavi.org, son of the last Shah of Iran. 14

Iran Maps – Perry-Castaneda Map Collectionexternal link
Collection of Iran maps – includes country political/shaded relief maps, city, regional, historic and thematic maps as well as links to maps on other sites. 15