2007 Demographic #03 India Top Centers

EIN Starting Points/Rank

WhatisIndia.comexternal link
This site was the first Internet-based info-base on India and continues to provide indexed articles, opinions, analysis, and editorials from published media through its topical and issue based portals. In addition, its not-for-profit research project also produces original and hard to access content. Includes extensive links. 1

Directory of India Government Websitesexternal link
Includes direct links to official government sites, committees/documents, institutions/organizations, international presence and events. 2

Economywatchexternal link
Economywatch.com is a complete portal on the world economy with a special focus on the Indian economy, keeping in view its growth potential. This site offers a wide range of information regarding the current world economy and India’s performance in the era of market friendliness. 3

The Global Guruexternal link
A free, twice-a-week electronic newsletter that helps you uncover the world’s secret bull markets. Every issue includes information on which global markets and trends the smart money is investing in and why. Site includes archived issues, some of which include “Hot BRIC Investments,” “The Rise of the Global Challengers” and “India: Crouching Tiger Unleashed.” 4

BPOIndia.orgexternal link
Online resource for outsourcing information related to India. Site includes news, faq about setting up a business process outsourcing facility, companies, and a BPO knowledgebase. 5

WTO Indiaexternal link
Contains key information on India’s participation in the WTO. Site includes case studies, goods schedules, trade statistics, services schedules and MFN exemptions, trade policy reviews, dispute cases involving India, and notifications from India. 6

India News Onlineexternal link
Top stories, latest news, news analysis, business & market news, city & industry news from Indian news papers at one place. 7

IndUsSciTech: Science & Technology in Indiaexternal link
The emergence of India as an IT global hub, quick adaptation to the emerging area of biotechnology, use of IT in the banking and communication sectors, advances in space technology are just a few examples. This website captures some of these events in a continual manner. The obvious impact of S and T in terms of economic and social development is also covered. The web site contains 13 channels which are updated frequently. 8

International Institute for Population Sciencesexternal link
The Institute serves as a regional center for teaching, training and conducting research in the area of population studies in the ESCAP region. The Institute is an autonomous institution under the administrative control of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. It also offers academic courses to strengthen the reproductive health, research and training programmes and provides consultancy to government and non-governmental organizations and other academic institutions. 9

India Together: Environmental Issues in Indiaexternal link
Includes news, opinions and information on biodiversity, water, energy, hazards, mining and many other environmental issues. 10

Center for Social Research-An Institution for Women of Indiaexternal link
The CSR is one of the leading Women’s Institutions working in the field of social action since 1983. CSR was founded by a group of concerned social scientists dedicated to promote the empowerment of women, deprived castes and groups. CSR aims to empower women and provide them with the resources to be self-reliant individuals. CSR works at the grassroots, regional and international levels to raise women’s awareness of their rights, build inroads into decision-making institutions from Panchayats to Parliament and to eliminate violence against women. The goal is to achieve economic self-sufficiency and raise awareness of social, political and legal issues. 11

U.S.-India Friendship.netexternal link
An online resource for friends of India. The US-India Friendship web site is a totally voluntary effort by private individuals and is not funded by any government or government agency in the United States or India. Site includes a congressional section, news, viewpoints, archives and links. 12

Himalayan Affairsexternal link
Himalayan Affairs attempts to look at the various issues concerning the Himalayan region ranging from terrorist hit regions of Jammu and Kashmir to the insurgency torn Northeastern states of India. It covers issues like India Pakistan relations, India Pakistan peace initiatives, anti-terrorist campaigns in India, India Pakistan border situation, Solutions of India-Pakistan dispute, facts about Jammu and Kashmir, misery of people in Northeast India, solutions for Jammu and Kashmir dispute with Pakistan. 13

European Commission’s Delegation to Indiaexternal link
EC site, provides information on EU/India relations to include economic & trade relations, cooperation and what’s news. 14

Visible Earth: Indiaexternal link
NASA Site – Collection of satellite, sensor and animated maps of India. Include severe flooding sites, carbon monoxide over India, and earthquake regions of India. 15