2007 Demographic #02 China Top Centers

EIN Starting Points/Rank

China Council for the Promotion of International Tradeexternal link
CCPIT’s goals are to operate and promote foreign trade, to use foreign investment, to introduce advanced foreign technologies, to conduct activities of Sino-foreign economic and technological cooperation in various forms, to promote the development of economic and trade relations between China and other countries and regions around the world, and to promote the mutual understanding and friendship between China and peoples and economic and trade circles of all nations around the world, in line with law and government policies of the PRC. Site includes domestic economic analysis, economic data, and conferences & events. 1

China.orgexternal link
China’s official gateway to news and information. Very extensive site covering a wide variety of topics, including environment, science and technology, culture, government and Taiwan issues. 2

The Global Guruexternal link
A free, twice-a-week electronic newsletter that helps you uncover the world’s secret bull markets. Every issue includes information on which global markets and trends the smart money is investing in and why. Site includes archived issues, some of which include “Hot BRIC Investments,” “The Rise of the New Global Champions,” and “Building the China Brand.” 3

Invest in Chinaexternal link
PRC Ministry of Commerce – site includes investment information, news, laws & regulations, company search, statistics, status of the economy and business opportunities. 4

WTO Chinaexternal link
Contains key information on China’s participation in the WTO. Site includes case studies, goods schedules, trade statistics, services schedules and MFN exemptions, trade policy reviews, dispute cases involving China, and notifications from China. 5

China Petroelum and Natural Gas Databaseexternal link
Provides list of oil and gas companies, including Internet links, descriptions, languages in which sites are available and countries in which companies are located. 6

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the PRCexternal link
Site includes government directories, government services, general information, and news. 7

IT Resourcesexternal link
Since 1996, ITR has been a partner for a wide range of blue-chip multinationals operating throughout mainland China. As part of the IT Group, IT Resources offers a large portfolio of high quality IT services to China’s business and diplomatic community. This broad range of services is backed up by its strong international management and trained quality assurance teams. 8

U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commissionexternal link
Mission is to monitor, investigate, and submit to congress an annual report on the national security implications of the bilateral trade and economic relationship between the United States and the People’s Republic of China, and to provide recommendations, where appropriate, to Congress for legislative and administrative action. Site includes annual reports, research, testimonies, news releases and speeches. 9

International Fund for China’s Environmentexternal link
D.C.-based with branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan. Founded in 1996 by a group of scientists and professionals concerned with China’s environmental problems, IFCE aims to ensure a healthy global environment and continued economic development by helping China solve its environmental problems. IFCE works with companies and other NGO’s to improve China’s access to green information technology; with policy makers to influence China’s environmental policy; and with grassroots environmental organizations and environmental education programs to improve Chinese peoples’ agency in the environmental movement. 10

China Population Information and Research Centerexternal link
CPIRC is the leading unit of the China Population Information Network (CHINA POPIN), a member of the Asia and Pacific POPIN and the Global POPIN. Site is designed to provide accessible information about its organizations, tasks, publications, Data User Service and other related issues. Includes news, policies, basic population data and papers. 11

Human Rights Watch – China and Tibetexternal link
Site includes news, papers, Beijing Olympics watch, and backgrounder providing an overview of human rights issues in China and Tibet. 12

Perry-Castaneda Map Collection-China Mapsexternal link
Includes country maps, city maps, detailed maps, thematic and historical maps. Also provides links to maps on other websites. Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan as well. 13

Delegation of the EU Commission to Chinaexternal link
EC site, provides information on EU/China relations to include economic & trade relations, cooperation and what’s news. 14

China Confidential – Blogexternal link
Maintained by “Confidential Reporter”, an anonymous journalist and media consultant, providing a “blog of record covering China’s rise.” Includes frequent articles, archives and several links to related sites. 15

Government Information Office, Republic of China (Taiwan)external link
Site includes what’s new, Taiwan headlines, selected periodicals, links and publications links. In several languages. A

Taiwan Security Researchexternal link
TSR is an academic and non-governmental website designed to aggregate and disseminate information on current events relating to Taiwan’s security and regional security issues. The website compiles newspaper articles, op-ed pieces, official policy statements, academic papers and reports from English language sources posting them daily on TSR’s website. The website is designed to provide an unbiased, reliable English-language source of up-to-date information relating to Taiwan’s security situation. B

Chinataiwan.orgexternal link
Extensive PRC website dedicated solely to Taiwan, includes news about Taiwan, government stand on Taiwan issue, international agreements concluded on the Taiwan issue, and links. C