2007 Demographic #01 Brazil Top Centers

EIN Starting Points/Rank

Brazilink.orgexternal link
Very extensive site covering a very wide variety of topics, to include indigenous peoples, rural issues, labor, human rights & justice. Also provides information and debates, economic & social indicators and breaking news. 1

ICONEexternal link
Institute for International Trade Negotiations – is an independent non-profit organization that has as its main objective the development of studies and applied research to support international negotiations, particularly in the area of agribusiness, thus contributing to a broader integration of Brazil into the world economy. Includes information on Brazil’s current negotiations, trading partners, news and links. 2

Brazil-ITexternal link
Brazil IT is an effort by several Brazilian IT services and solutions providers to open up opportunities via near-shore outsourcing for companies committed to gaining competitiveness by reducing costs, while working with highly qualified IT developers within the same time zone and cultural boundaries. Brazil is one of the world’s largest economies, with a growing IT market currently estimated at over US$10 billion dollars. Areas of excellence include banking, healthcare and manufacturing, products, IT services, R&D and telecommunications. 3

InfoBrazil.Comexternal link
InfoBrazil was conceived in July of 1999 to provide high quality, independent and diverse English-language analysis and opinion articles about Brazilian issues and current affairs. The site aims to dissect and explore issues and events, in a way that allows readers around the world to better understand what happens in Brazil. 4

Yahoo News-Brazilexternal link
Up-to-the minute news stories about Brazil, pulled from multiple news agencies, including featured articles, opinions & editorials, audio & video selections, and related web sites. 5

The Global Guruexternal link
A free, twice-a-week electronic newsletter that helps you uncover the world’s secret bull markets. Every issue includes information on which global markets and trends the smart money is investing in and why. Site includes archived issues, some of which include “Hot BRIC Investments,” “The Rise of the New Global Champions,” and “Brazil: The Future is Now.” 6

WTO Brazilexternal link
Contains key information on Brazil’s participation in the WTO. Site includes case studies, goods schedules, trade statistics, services schedules and MFN exemptions, trade policy reviews, dispute cases involving Brazil, and notifications from Brazil. 7

Brazilian Government Web Portalexternal link
Official government site. Provides information on programs and projects, tourism, economy and business, news and events. In English and Portuguese. 8

Americas.org-Brazilexternal link
Resource Center of the Americas – informs, educates and organizes to promote human rights, democratic participation, economic justice and cross-cultural understanding in the context of globalization in the Americas. Site provides news & commentary, original feature stories and links. 9

World Bank in Brazilexternal link
World Bank Brazil Homepage: Site includes an overview, news & events, publications & events, development topics, projects & programs, public information center, and contacts. 10

Brazil-U.S. Business Councilexternal link
A private sector organization focused on promoting the free flow of trade and investment between Brazil and the United States. In the pursuit of this goal, the Council’s bilateral nature makes it uniquely effective. With a U.S. Section representing the largest U.S. investors in Brazil and a Brazil Section managed by the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry, the Council has the ability to forge consensus between the two private sectors and communicate it to both governments in a bilateral context. 11

Amazoniaexternal link
This site makes information on the Amazon region available to the public, with the aim of helping to make clear the structure of public and private agencies, both Brazilian and foreign, that are active in the region. At the disposal of researchers, investors, journalists, students, travelers and those who are just curious, the site is an attempt to orient the surfer to the various “worlds” that exist in the Amazon. 12

Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statisticsexternal link
Census Bureau provides on-line access to information and data about the country’s geography and population status. Very in-depth site. 13

Visible Earth: Brazilexternal link
NASA Site – Collection of satellite, sensor and animated maps of Brazil. 14

Europa – EU’s Relations with Brazilexternal link
EC site, provides information on EU/Brazil relations to include economic & trade relations, cooperation and what’s news. 15